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  • If you or another person’s personal safety is threatened or you are injured, tap the red button to create an Emergency alert. To cancel the alert, tap again while the timer is winding down.

  • When the emergency button is activated, response team or campus security members will determine how to respond to your location. An officer will attempt to call your phone, get information, and confirm your location. You may still need to identify yourself to responders when they arrive.

  • Some organizations configure the Emergency alert button to call the response team automatically. If your region is configured this way, your phone will automatically dial the correct number for your local response or security officers.

  • In some areas you can choose to call emergency services directly (ambulance, fire, police). If you are offered the Emergency Services call but do not confirm, your emergency alert will route to the response team.


  • Choose Help to be connected to the response team or campus security for general help. You can cancel the call by tapping again while the timer is winding down.

  • Once alerted, the response team will call you to find out what help you need and if necessary, come to your location.

  • Some organizations configure the Help Call button ONLY to call the response team automatically, after a short delay (without sending an alert). If your regions are configured this way, you will be able to speak with them directly, but your location will not be shared with the response team members.

  • At some locations, the Help Call button is configured to call a general help desk, where an operator will route your call to the correct department.


  • The SafeZone app can display your location at any time via a blue dot. You can change map settings to display

  • Street map, satellite map, and satellite map with street names.

  • You can change the way the map moves: static mode oriented north (no following), follow Me mode oriented north, and compass mode (map oriented to your direction of movement).


  • You can also set a check-in timer, which checks you in (as for Manual Check-In) and starts a countdown timer to cover the duration of your work session. The timer will count down to zero, starting from your nominated time. At any time, you can tap the timer to cancel or re-set or check out. SafeZone will also automatically finish your session if you leave the region boundary.

  • You will receive a warning push message at “5 minutes to go”, and you can reset the time, cancel the timer or check out.

  • If the timer expires, SafeZone will raise an alert, sharing your location and ID with responders.


  • The regions menu function will display the boundaries of each of your SafeZone Regions. When you are inside any of these regions, you can raise an alert and it will go to your organization’s response team.

  • When you are outside any of those regions, you will be offered a single-button call to the local emergency services number.

  • The boundaries are shown in blue


  • If you are working alone, outside normal hours, or are entering a high-risk work environment, SafeZone allows you to check in and share your location with members of the response team or university campus.

  • Your location and ID will be shared with responders for the duration of your session.

  • SafeZone will automatically finish your session as you leave the region boundary, or you can check-out again at any time by tapping the button again.

  • You do not need to be checked-in unless it is your organization’s policy. Check-In is to notify the response team of your presence so can contact you if necessary.

  • The Check-In tracking function updates your location at a low frequency to ensure minimal battery impact.

  • All check-in functions are supported on any iOS or Android device, including phones and tablets, and using the SafeZone desktop app, on PCs using Microsoft Windows.

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