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Development Center

Near Sayali Complex, Walhekarwadi Chichwad, Pune 
Maharashtra, India 411035 
Phone:  +91- 7887871415
Email: hr@rslsolution.com

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RSL Solution Private Limited
Hove East Sussex BN36GN
United Kingdom 
Phone: 44 (0)1273799088

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With the background rooted in science, we build on our legacy knowledge and grow it in the areas of Mobile App Development, CRM, Data Analysis, Collaboration & Knowledge Management and Information Security. As part of this journey we ensure that our clients will benefit from steady reliability and originality across solutions. With a firm belief in the value of prototyping, we work alongside our clients to ideate and build next-generation solutions based on flexible platforms that we have developed. We believe that the future is digital. We also believe that the denial to embrace new technology, whether personal or corporate, postpones progress. We help to anticipate users’ expectations across every interaction, be it a tiny website or a BI-geared web portal. Our team implements scalable backends with user segmentation, content personalization and social features on top, to provide for seamless device-agnostic experience, while giving customer engagement analytics for decision-making.


From landing pages to web services and complex web-based products, our expertise is at your service. Just let us know about your ideas and we'll create a work of art for you.Our Web development team wields the newest and most reliable technologies for building custom websites – including PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Yii, AJAX, Java, SQL.

BRANDING &                                              STRATEGY

Whether customer or business-oriented, we create digital engagement technology solutions for consistent, contextual and personalized experiences across multi-channel environment. Manage customer experience across connected channels throughout the whole customer journey..


Our dialogue brings us to shared vision and reveals general information about your project: goals, monetization, required platforms and devices, etc. We give you a preliminary estimate based on documentation that you may provide. If you don't have it, or if you are yet uncertain about requirements and technical solutions, we consult you to clarify the picture. Afterwards we launch the project. This step should be quickly accomplished so that the assembled team could proceed to work. Each project can have unique requirements, and we fully appreciate that. Rather than rigidly imposing a one-size-fits-all approach, we meticulously analyze your business needs and suggest the optimal way to make your project succeed.


IT outsourcing in Eastern Europe has been thriving for years. RSL Solution emerged in 2012 as a group of enthusiastic managers and software developers. Our clients see it as an alternative to in-house teams, an alternative that helps build a software product, save about 2/3 of the budget, and keep time to market at its minimum. We offer flexibility and transparency of project management processes. Competitive pricing makes our services a cost-effective solution to your business problems. Eventually, we ensure timely delivery of your software product on a regular basis.

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